Below is a list of fictional accessories made for the Nitrome Enjoyment System, many of which are meant to spoof Nintendo's accessories for their Nintendo Entertainment System.

Game cartridge

Every game made for the NES after it was released came in game cartridge format. The game cartridge has the words "NITROME" at the top cut out, while lower down the cartridge, it has the name of the game along with a picture.

FX Chip

The FX Chip would probably be for emulating 3D in games, and is most likely a spoof of the Super-FX Chip made by Nintendo.

Turbo Controller

Main Article: Turbo Controller

The Turbo Controller is the controller used for controlling the character in the game.

Nitrome Disk System

Assumably an add-on for the Nitrome Enjoyment System for playing disc-based games. This is most likely a spoof of the Famicom Disk System made by Nintendo.

Wall Plug

The Wall Plug is a way the Nitrome Enjoyment System got power. It somehow connected from the Nitrome Enjoyment System into a outlet on the wall.

Nitrome Glove

The Nitrome Glove's actual purpose is uncertain. It was only mentioned in the Blog Post announcing the NES, and has not been mentioned or seen anywhere else. It may be a spoof of Nintendo's Power Glove.

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