Liquid holding blocks
Liquid filled container
Ability Can be destroyed by lasers
Game(s) Fault Line

Liquid holding blocks are obstacles in the game Fault Line.


Liquid holding blocks consist of a glass container with metal on the edges that holds a glowing purple liquid. These containers are usually placed among other containers.

Game Information

Liquid holding blocks are the only destructible obstacle in Fault Line that is not a hazard. Like all objects in Fault Line, they can be folded away with a fault line. Usually, liquid holding blocks are in the way of the player and block their path. For them to be removed, Zapo has to alter the environment so that it can bring over lasers (or a single laser) to destroy them.

Once a laser beam is against a liquid holding block, it will slowly break it. Cracks will start to form on the glass, and the metal will heat up, turning red. It will then explode, making the path able to be passed by the player. One level in Fault Line involves the player to make a path through several rows of liquid holding blocks.


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