Lion hammer
Lion Hammer (DE)
Damage High
Belongs to Can pick it up: All (except gladiators, red lizard men, green lizard men, and priests of Hecate)
Game Double Edged

The lion hammer is a weapon found in Double Edged only on level 3-1.


The lion hammer appears as a gold rod with a gold lion's head on the top.

Game information

The lion hammer is found only on level 3-1. When used, the player slams it to the ground like the axe or hammer. It is the most powerful weapon in Double Edged, and is like a stronger version of the hammer, acting much like the aforementioned weapon. The slam produced by the hammer will knock enemies unconscious and throw the unconscious body's across the screen, bouncing it off walls if it hits one (just like the hammer).

The difference between the hammer and lion hammer is that the latter inflicts more damage. As mentioned by some lone surviving enemy soldiers, the hammer was discovered in the tomb of King Cecrops, the stealing of the weapon bringing a curse that resurrects the dead, presenting them as skeletons. Upon using the lion hammer, a lion roar will be heard and dust will lift off the ground in the shape of a lion's head.

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