This article is about lifts from Frost Bite and Frost Bite 2. For lifts from other games, please see Lifts.

Lift (Frost Bite)Automatic Lift
A wooden lift (left) and metal lift (right)
Ability Moves up
Game(s) Frost Bite, Frost Bite 2

Lifts are interactive objects in Frost Bite 1 & 2. There are two types of lifts: wooden lifts and metal lifts.


Wooden lifts

Wooden lifts have a wooden base with a wooden square background. Where each edge intersects, there a small beam points into the middle diagonally. All the beams lead to a middle square made of wood.

On top of the square that comes up from the base are two beams, which point in diagonally, so that there end meet. At the point where they meet, there is a small circle where a metal circle is, this metal circle being the pin that is attached to the slices in the wall behind.

Metal lifts

The metal lift retains the same design as the wooden lift, only the parts of it are dark grey coloured (the colour of metal) and thicker. Behind the structure of the Metal Lift are visible gears in the background, all which rotate to bring the Lift up.

Game information

Frost Bite 1

Wooden lifts

Wooden lifts are the only lift that appears in Frost Bite 1. Wooden lifts move on slits on the wall. They move automatically, and at a slow speed also. The slits on the wall are often placed in a rectangle, horizontally, or vertically. They are used for transportation from one destination to another. Enemies are never placed on Lifts, but Hazards can go through them.

The player can hop on to a lift and wait to jump on to another one or just wait for it to get near to their destination. Often more than one lift moves on the same slit on a wall. Lifts are often encountered in levels.

Meta lifts

As metal lifts were introduced in Frost Bite 2, they don't exist in Frost Bite 1.

Frost Bite 2

Along with the wooden lift appearing, a new type of lift called metal lifts debut. The slit on the walls lifts move on can be changed so that that slit moves in the opposite direction, by shooting a switch.

Wooden lifts

Wooden lifts act exactly as they did in Frost Bite 1, only the Eskimo can now shoot the base to pull herself on to one.

Metal lifts

Metal lifts make their debut in Frost Bite 2. They are made of metal and at first are completely stationary. When the player begins to stands on one, it will begin to move. Metal lifts move only up vertical slits on mountains, and only when the player stands on them.

If the player jumps off, they will move slowly down. Metal Lifts move much faster than Wooden Lifts, and are often used to get to a high up destinations. They appear uncommonly in Frost Bite 2, and when encountered usually another can be found nearby.

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