This article is about lifts from Final Ninja Zero and Mega Mash. For lifts from other games, please see Lifts.

Lifts (Final Ninja Zero)
A lift as it appears in Final Ninja Zero
Ability Transports player to next level
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero, Ninja (Mega Mash)

Lifts are interactive objects that appear in the game Final Ninja Zero and Ninja sections of the game Mega Mash.


Final Ninja Zero

Lifts are black and in the shape of a box. Near the bottom of them is a black and yellow stripe that goes across them. Near the top of the lift is the word 'lift'. The top of the lift is illuminated by a turquoise light and has a black mesh.


Lifts have a box around them, with thin edges. On top of the box is a sign which reads "lift". Attached to the bottom of the roof is a yellow and black striped bar.

Final Ninja Zero
Ninja lift
Lifts (Final Ninja Zero)

Game information

Final Ninja Zero

Lifts are elevators which when stood in instantly transport the player to the next level. Two lifts are present in levels, one which the player exits (which is the lift used to exit the previous level) and one which the player enters to go to the next level. The lift the player exits to enter the level will disappear upon exiting it. In Final Ninja, black cards take the place of lifts.


A glitch present in Final Ninja Zero in level eighteen allows the player to reenter the Lift they came out of and go to the next level without having to venture to the second lift in the level since the lift they entered has not left yet. Coincidentally, this was the level where the player intercepted an intermission from Monty, a character from Dirk Valentine. This glitch remains unfixed even after five years of Final Ninja Zero's release.


In Ninja, the lift is the second objective in the levels of Mega Mash, the other objective being flagpoles. Lifts appear a lot like the lifts in the Final Ninja series. When Takeshi enters it, the doors will close, and the level complete screen will come up.


  • Lifts in Final Ninja Zero act the same as lifts in Dirk Valentine. This is one of the many similarities Final Ninja Zero has with Dirk Valentine.

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