Ledge bombs
Ledge bomb
Ammunition Five
Ability Forms a platform, can be planted in mid-air
Action Explodes
Game(s) Toxic II

Ledge bombs are a type of bomb in the game Toxic II.


Ledge bombs appear having a flat top, and sides slowly and slightly curving. On the bomb are two cyan lines, each an opposite of each other, going down then going diagonally right for the right one, and left for the left one. In the middle is a circle which displays the remaining time until the bomb explodes.

Game information

Ledge bombs, when used, are planted below the player, not thrown. Ledge bombs are the biggest type of bombs in the Toxic series, and because they have a flat top they can be stood on. They can used for the player for exploration to far off or high up areas of the robot factory not accessible by normal means.

They are spawned in front of the payer in the direction they are facing when the player is on the ground, and beneath them when they jump or are in the air. Since they are always spawned beneath the player, they can also be used to save Hazmat Hero from death.

The player is given five ledge bombs at a time, so they have to use them wisely. Sometimes, objects are hidden in levels that can only be reached with ledge bombs. Because ledge bombs are bombs, they explode in five seconds, giving the player less than twenty five seconds for exploration. They disappear when they explode, so if the player spends too much time in one, they will suffer damage as well as fall, likely to their doom as the area they are exploring cannot be accessed by the player on the ground so will likely have acid.

Ledge bombs are more of an interactive object than a weapon, as it is mostly used for exploration in often times unreachable areas. When used for combat, because the ledge bomb is not thrown; and due to its size, it will appear in front of the player and block robots from coming to the player, as it cannot be run past like usual bombs.

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