A list of announcements for Leap Day from 2015 to 2016.

March 30 Leap Day's was first announced to be in production under the name "Project Jump". Three mockup images of the game were shared.
December 23 Project Jump in action!, a video previewing Leap Day's gameplay, was released. Nitrome announces that the concept of Leap Day, then dubbed as the "jumping game", is to have a new level every day.
Project Jump in action!00:16

Project Jump in action!

February 11 Via Nitrome's Twitter, it was announced that "Project Jump" would be most likely renamed to "Leap Day", accompanied by a screenshot of the game.
Leap Day preview 4
April 21 Leap Day is submitted to the Google Play and Apple App Store. Nitrome also posts a preview of the game's startup with the king-like creature pulling his lever via Twitter.
Leap Day preview 17
May 4 Leap Day's official release date is announced to be May 11. A preview trailer is launched alongside the notice.
Leap Day Out May 11th00:30

Leap Day Out May 11th

May 5 Nitrome opens the availability of pre-release download codes for popular YouTubers, Twitch users and certain indie game developers. Those interested can obtain codes by emailing Mat Annal.
May 11 Leap Day is officially released and announced on the blog, Twitter and Facebook.
May 13 Leap Day is featured on Google Play and on the front page in the section "New Games We Love" of the Apple App Store.
May 19 Unlockable characters are announced to be arriving in a future update.
Leap Day preview 21
May 25 Nitrome announces an update that allows players with the premium upgrade to access the checkpoint sideroom rather than automatically activating checkpoints. They post a screenshot previewing the room with a "free unlock" chest.
Leap Day preview 22
June 3 Leap Day is featured in the "May's Best Games" section of the Apple App Store. Nitrome also shares a preview of the image sharing feature available in the upcoming "adjustments" update. Leap Day preview 61Leap Day preview 23
June 9 Update 1 is in the testing process. Nitrome shares a screenshot of Yolk in a selfie pose among some bombs.
Leap Day preview 24
June 11 A preview screenshot showing Lick on the character selection screen, along with a screenshot of Lick in a Desert themed level, is posted to Nitrome's Twitter. Update 1 is announced to be launched on the coming Monday (June 13). Leap Day preview 27Leap Day preview 28
June 13 Update 1 is officially released, with significant features including unlockable playable characters and selfie poses.
Leap Day preview 30
June 16 Nitrome officially announces Update 2 to be in the works, which will feature new backgrounds as well as new music.
Leap Day preview 33
July 1 Update 2's formal release date is announced to be on the following Monday (July 4).
Leap Day preview 35
July 4 Update 2 is launched and features two new backgrounds (City and Totem), each with their own unique music tracks.
July 6 Nitrome announces via Twitter that End Zones will be an added challenge to Update 3.
Leap Day preview 63
July 13 Leap Day Version 3.0's release date is announced to be for the following day. Nitrome posts a clip of the July 14 End Zone to Twitter.
July 14 Update 3 is launched and features the Beach theme and End Zones that replace the normal Checkpoint 1 in levels.
July 15 Nitrome tweets that they are working on additional hazards to be implemented in a future update.
Leap Day preview 41
August 31 Nitrome announces via Twitter that update 4's release is to be tomorrow (September 1) and uploads a video trailer showing off the new traps briefly.
Leap Day - Traps Update (OUT SEPT 1st)00:41

Leap Day - Traps Update (OUT SEPT 1st)

September 1 Update 4 is released. It features ten new hazards or interactive objects (referred to as "traps"), along with new content and unlockable characters.
Leap Day preview 43a
September 6 Nitrome becomes aware of the magical switches bug.
Leap Day preview 45
September 12 Update 5 is released to the Apple App Store, which features Cloud Saving. The Google Play version is announced to be withheld due to a bug. Leap Day preview 46aLeap Day preview 46b
September 14 An update that adds Leap Day themed stickers (a feature in iOS) is released. Nitrome tweets four screenshots previewing some of these stickers. Leap Day stickers 1Leap Day stickers 2 Leap Day stickers 3Leap Day stickers 4
September 17 Nitrome becomes aware of a glitch that affects barrel cannons.
Leap Day preview 47
September 19 Nitrome is made aware of glitches pertaining to the Cactus Monsters, barrels and issues with lag. They also announce that they are looking into finishing the cloud saving update for Android.
Leap Day preview 48
September 27 Nitrome releases an update that fixes bugs with the Cactus Monsters and springs. The Android version of the update adds cloud saving. Leap Day preview 50bLeap Day preview 50cLeap Day preview 51 Leap Day preview 50aLeap Day preview 51b
September 29 Update 6 is released to Google Play. Nitrome announces that the Apple App Store version should be arriving either the following day or following Monday.
Leap Day preview 52
October 2 Update 6 is made available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. The update introduces eight new unlockable characters. Leap Day preview 53aLeap Day preview 53b
October 13 A bug update is released that fixes the bubble traps, allowing players to reset their jump count after hitting a bubble. Leap Day preview 54Leap Day preview 55
October 26 Nitrome announces a Halloween update (Update 7) to be in the works and tweets a promotional picture previewing some of the update's content.
Leap Day preview 56
October 31 Update 7 is released. The update features a new science lab background, along with the new fish ghost enemies. A future update with a bunch of new enemies is announced to be in the works.
November 4 Nitrome fixes a bug that causes the playable character to become a white blob on iOS devices. Leap Day preview 57aLeap Day preview 57b
November 10 Nitrome announces a winter update and tweets a promotional picture to go along with it.
Leap Day preview 58
December 7 Leap Day gets featured on Apple's "10 Best Games of the Year" section of their App Store. Leap Day preview 59Leap Day preview 59b
December 20 The Winter Update's release is set to be for December 22. It is announced that the update will contain new winter themed traps and enemies, unlockable characters and new backgrounds. A teaser of one of the winter levels is posted.
December 22 Nitrome officially releases their Winter Update and includes a release trailer, uploaded to YouTube.
Leap Day Winter Update OUT NOW!00:32

Leap Day Winter Update OUT NOW!

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