Lazy riders
Attack Harmful on contact
Health 1 hit
Points 10
Game(s) Headcase

Lazy riders are enemies in Headcase.


Lazy riders wear a purple suit and ride a bicycle. The suit covers the lazy rider's entire body, except for their face and hands. Lazy rider's suits have two purple ears on the head. Lazy riders ride on top of a bike which has a seat and handle made out of pink rods, and attached to the lower part of the pink rods are two light green wheels; the middle of the wheels is blue.

The bike lazy riders ride seems to move on its own, as it lacks pedals. The riders on the bikes seem to be sleeping, as they seem to have their eyes closed and don't seem to be doing anything.

Game information

Lazy riders, unlike green goons, can only move on platforms, and move in short distances. They can also ride their bicycles around corners and on vertical and horizontal platforms. Like green goons, lazy riders can be easily killed (by being dashed into with Norman Noggin's head), and give the player ten points upon doing so. Lazy riders will cause Norman Noggin to lose one heart upon contact if they are both on the same platform.

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