This article is about lava from Hot Air series. For lava from other games, please see Lava.

Lava droplets are enemies in the Hot Air series. Lava droplets are only encountered when they are shot out of volcanoes.


Lava droplets appear as a pod like object, with a semicircle head. Lava droplets are coloured mostly orange, with two small black eyes.

Game information

Lava droplets are used as the attack of volcanoes. Volcanoes shoot lava droplets out slowly in Hot Air 1, and much faster in Hot Air 2. Lava droplets differs greatly between the two Hot Air games, being heavily toned down for Hot Air 2.

Hot Air 1

In Hot Air 1, lava droplets appear only in level seventeen. Volcanoes positioned close to the edge of the level will fire lava droplets out of their top. Lava droplets will home in one the player, forcing the player to maneuver around to avoid it. It can make large turns to maintain a target on the player. It will eventually fly off the screen.

Hot Air 2

In Hot Air 2 lava droplets appears on level fourteen: Great Balls of Fire. Lava droplets are still fired out of volcanoes, but moves at a constant speed in the direction it wad fired, going through any platforms or other volcanoes it meets. Although being toned considerably down in Hot Air 2, the player has to go through a hallway consisting of many volcanoes, who fortunately do not all fire lava droplets at the same time.