Lava columns
Lava Column 1
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Ice Beak

Lava columns are hazards in the game Ice Beak.


Lava columns appear as long vertical columns of boiling lava. The lava is constantly rising and falling, changing colours from red to orange to yellow to white. The inner portion of a lava column is maroon coloured, as well as the outer layer.

When frozen, all the lava in the coloumn freezes and turns light blue. The inner portion and outer layer both turn dark blue, and the lava ceases to move and boil.

Game information

Lava columns are dangerous on contact - if the bird touches one when it is not frozen, it will die. Lava columns are often found blocking the player from progressing further in the level. In order to get past a lava column without dying, the player must shoot a snowball at one, freezing it. The player must move quickly when flying past, though, for the lava column only remains frozen for a shot amount of time.


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