This article is about lava from Rockitty. For lava from other games, please see Lava.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage One heart
Game(s) Rockitty

Lava is a hazard that is introduced in level two of the game Rockitty. If touched, the player will lose one heart.


Lava appears as a dark orange liquid frozen in place while it was dripping and sliding down. On the top, there is a small section of light orange goo dripping down.

However, despite the appearance of going down, the lava always stays in place and never moves. It looks similar to an orange and hazardous version of the pink goo.

Game information

Lava often covers partial areas of the ground and ceilings in most levels, although in some cases will take up an entire planet. Unlike pink goo, it does not allow Rockitty to stick onto it. Point boxes and fish may be inside or be around areas of lava, adding challenge to gameplay and a risk to get them.

Like spikes, rocketing Rockitty into a patch of lava will cause it to lose one heart from its health. Also, Rockitty will bounce off the area while flashing and spinning around until he either lands on pink goo, flies off to outer space, or regains control.


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