This article is about lava from Knuckleheads. For lava from other games, please see Lava.

Lava (Knuckleheads)
Attack Shooting out fiery fireballs
Damage Death
Game(s) Knuckleheads

Lava is a hazard in Knuckleheads.


Lava appears as a fiery orange liquid. Due to it being very hot, the lava constantly bubbles.

Game information

Lava causes instant death upon touching it, and shatters the chain between both angry heads. It may at some parts of some levels fire out lava fireballs that can damage the Knuckleheads. If an enemy is killed and its remains plummets into the lava, a sound of it falling into the lava is heard.

On some levels, lava will rise and the player will have to quickly make it to the top. Metal does not melt in Lava, even though is is often connected to it. Lava is found at the bottom of every level.

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