Launching device
Cloud pad
The cloud pad used in the Jam version of 8bit Doves
Ability Launching the flying man at the beginning the level
Game(s) 8bit Doves series

Launching devices are interactive objects in the 8bit Doves series.


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Game information


A bed

At the start of every level of an 8bit Doves game, the flying man is seen at rest on the launching device. When the player initiates control of him, either with the touch of the screen or a press of the arrow keys, the flying man leaves the launching device and begins to fly into the area. The launching device disappears instantly or falls off the screen at the bottom and is not seen for the rest of the stage.

While the flying man is on the launch pad, the player does not need to control him, for he does not move until the player is prepared to take control.



A chair

  • Cloud pad - The pad shows a left and right arrow key on it to display the flying man's controls. It is used only in the Jam version of 8bit Doves.
  • Bed - A launching device in the official 8bit Doves release. This is used when the flying man is to be flown horizontally for the first area the player encounters. The bed is also the only type of launch device used in Endless Doves.
  • Chair - The second launching device in the full 8bit Doves game. This is used when the flying man is to be launched and flown vertically in the first area to be navigated.


  • There is a glitch in Endless Doves where the cloud pad can be briefly seen at the start of a new game.

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