This article is about lasers from Toxic series. For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage One blow
Game(s) Toxic series

Lasers are hazards in the Toxic series.


Lasers in Toxic are in the shape of a metal beaker. What appears to be two small metal circles are placed on each side of the middle of the metal beaker, and a green laser projects out of the flat end of the beaker.

Game information

Metal laser slide

A laser on a metal slide

Lasers are common hazards in the Toxic series. All lasers appear moving. Sometimes they are attached to a metal slide, which can move them back and forth along the slide horizontally or vertically.  Other times they are found not attached to any slide, but instead rotating in a ninety degree or one hundred eighty degree angle.

The laser beam projected is green, and extends out as far as possible. Platforms of any substance block a laser. Enemies and other objects are not effected by Lasers, only the player. If the player (Toxic touches a laser shooter or the laser itself, they will be harmed and one section of health will be taken away. After being hurt, the player has a few seconds of invincibility to try and get away from the hazard.

Lasers cannot be destroyed, even by a bomb blast. Lasers are used almost always for hazards, but also used a few times for spider robots in Toxic II. Lasers hold up spider robots by going into an opening on their back, which somehow absorbs the laser beam. If the robot is destroyed, the laser will still be projected, becoming an unavoidable hazard. The player cannot get safely to the other side of it without being harmed. This is one of the rare occurrences in Toxic II of a stationary laser, stationary lasers are found only after destroying a spider robot.