This article is about lasers from Test Subject Green. For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Lasers are hazards in the games Test Subject Green, Test Subject Arena, Test Subject Complete and Test Subject Arena 2. They were the only new hazards introduced in the game Test Subject Green.


Lasers look like big dark purple blocks that have three parts. Two of them are the ones which move and can conceal the laser, and the other is in the middle, and at the end of it, the laser is shot. Lasers can be placed in walls and the floor. When the laser is shooting a pink laser, pink lines between the parts of the block shine.

Game information

The blocks project a pink laser from inside the block. To get the laser out, the blocks have to open up. Some blocks will close, eliminating all openings on the block and concealing the laser.

The laser projected by the laser block is lethal to Blue and will instantly kill him on contact. The purple block the laser is projected out can be used as platform, and is some levels the use of the block as a platform is necessary. The laser beam projected is sometimes bounced off mirrors. Lasers are indestructible, and cannot be harmed by Blue's blue proton bullet or a orange enzyme bullets.

If Blue tries to harm a laser, the proton bullet fired will break apart on an invisible shield around the laser. Lasers are the most recurring hazards in Test Subject Green. Lasers appear again in Test Subject Arena on levels one and ten. On level one, they are placed on the ceiling projecting their lasers on the edge of a platform.