This article is about lasers from Plunger. For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Ability Killing enemies when activated
Game(s) Plunger

Lasers are interactive objects first encountered in level 18 of Plunger.


Lasers appear as a pink, thin, wavy line outlined with white between two nodes. The nodes are dark purple with a black outline, and are square shaped with rounded corners. They have a triangular grey knob that protrudes on one side.

Game information

Laser nodes can only be found in levels 18 and 23 of Plunger. When the player attaches Plunger's ropes in between two nodes, a laser is generated. This laser lasts for about five seconds before fading away. Any enemy that attempts to cross laser nodes when the laser is active will die.

A laser can be permanently activated as long as the ropes remain in line with the two nodes. This causes Plunger's ropes to become lasers, and any enemy that attempts to pass through the rope is destroyed.

Lasers do not protect Plunger from electric sparks that result from fire monsters touching the ropes. Sparks will travel through a laser barrier as though it was not present, allowing them to reach Plunger's body if the player does not switch rope directions.

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