This article is about lasers from Final Ninja (series). For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Lasers are hazards that appear in the Final Ninja series and Ninja segments of Mega Mash.

General appearance

In the Final Ninja series, lasers appear mostly as a two projectors that may often project a laser. In Ninja, lasers projectors appear smaller, as well as the laser.

General game information

The laser is harmful to the player, and will damage them. Some lasers stay up infinitely, and others turn on and off often. Lasers are placed in areas either to block an entrance or exit, or a place the player may fall into.


There are three types of lasers in the Final Ninja series: hot laser beams, cutting lasers, and green electricity beams.

Hot laser beams

Main article: Hot laser beams

Cutting lasers

Main article: Cutting lasers

Green electricity beams

Main article: Green electricity beams

Lasers (Mega Mash)

Lasers are hazards in the Ninja segments of Mega Mash. There are two parts of lasers, the projector and beam. The laser beam appears as a white line with green curls around it. The beam is projected out of the two projectors. There is a projector on each side of the beam.

The projectors appear as a blue box with an arrow pointing to the other projector. Also on the box is a yellow square. Lasers are common in Ninja segments of Mega Mash, and like Final Ninja series lasers, they are commonly below pits in the levels. Some parts of Mega Mash have lasers, but a button to be pressed to block out the laser.

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