This article is about lasers from Fat Cat. For lasers from other games, please see Lasers.

Attack Triggered by switches or move blocks
Damage Cat: loses one life, enemy: automatic death
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Fat Cat

Lasers are hazards in the game Fat Cat.


Lasers are green on the outer edges and are bright yellow in the middle. Lasers shoot out from a gray square block that has a diagonal yellow switch on it. The switch does not turn the laser off, but instead alters the direction of the laser.

Game information

Lasers give off a yellow-green glow. When the player is first introduced to lasers in level three, they are warned to be "deadly". Lasers may already be turned in a certain direction in a level, but their direction can be altered when the owl presses the switch button. Also, the laser may appear to be off, but it is probably only blocked by an obstacle. In order to turn the laser back "on", the owl must unblock its flow by dragging a move block.

The player may want to activate lasers as a helpful way to defend the cat, since lasers can also be used to kill enemies that may be in the way as well as blocking their attacks. If an enemy comes into contact with a laser, it will die. Also, bullets cannot pass through a laser.

However, if the cat comes into contact with a laser, it will lose a life. This is what makes a laser a hazard, and also why the player should try to avoid letting the laser touch the cat.

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