Laser guards
Attack Shoots globs of green spheres
Health Three blows
Points 70
Game(s) Final Ninja

Laser guards are enemies in Final Ninja that are first introduced in level seven.


Laser guards have a semi-circular top head and a small beam that extends down, attached to the side of each beam being a forty-five degrees tilted cylinder. Behind the semi-circular head of the laser guards is similar to a blue wall mounted guns with the base removed.

Game information

Laser guards are the Final Ninja equivalent of sentinel robots from Final Ninja Zero. They project a pink laser from their cannons, which will point in the direction they are going to move. If Takeshi crosses the path of the pink laser from a laser guard, it will shoot green orbs at him. In levels where laser guards function based on trip wires, laser guards will also follow Takeshi's path.

The laser guards are sometimes spawned from spawners, although they make very few appearances in Final Ninja. Since laser guards have a green translucent shield around them, they are protected from any attacks. The only opportunity to destroy them comes when they attack Takeshi, and the player will have to shoot ninja stars while successfully avoiding the globules of energy.