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Large police gunbrick
Large police gunbrick

The large police gunbrick while saying "Stop in the name of the law"

Attacks Shooting bullets
Level 1-12
Health 3 hits
Game(s) Gunbrick (mobile)

The large police Gunbrick is the first boss in Gunbrick mobile.


The large police gunbrick is a black gunbrick with a blue screen (which turns red whean it gets hit), a yellow star badge on its "forehead", two little lights on the side and three "doors" on the bottom.

Game information

The large police gunbrick has three little "doors" that open every 8-10 seconds. Two open with lasers that shoot red beams, while the other one has a yellow pad that when shot damages the large police gunbrick, changing the blue screen to a red screen that shows a sad face on it. After doing this three times the boss will explode.

Phase 1 and 2

The large police gunbrick will move around in the air and at this point cannot harm the player. In a short amount of time it will stop in one place and charge two guns, shown by the red bars on top of them flashing red. The player should get to the one that is not flashing, and continuously shoot it until the red screen appears on the large police gunbrick. This should be repeated for the second phase.

Phase 3

The large police gunbrick will start shooting bullets at the player while moving around. The player should use their shield to protect from the attacks and wait until it stops and begin to charge its laser. Upon this happening the player should go to the gun whose bar is not flashing, and shoot at it, which will defeat the boss.


Gunbrick - level 1-12 (1st boss)00:58

Gunbrick - level 1-12 (1st boss)

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