For the fan from Hot Air, see giant fan.

The large fan is an enemy in Hot Air Jr. It only appears in level 2.


Unlike the player's cyan fan, the large fan has four spokes instead of two. It is also grey in colour, and, like most enemies in Hot Air Jr, has an angry expression for a face with visible red cheeks.

Game information

Although making contact with the large fan will not hurt Hot Air Jr, it still poses a threat. The fan will follow Hot Air Jr around the level. When it comes near, its spokes will begin to turn, causing Hot Air Jr to blow in the direction it blows in.

If the player is not careful, the large fan can send Hot Air Jr traveling into spikes and causing the player to restart the level or from a checkpoint. The wind of the fan can also help the player.

If the player does not move, the fan will either get close to the player or just wait until the player makes a move. However, the strength of the breeze done by the large fan is about the same as the player's fan, thus, the player can blow against the enemy fan until it leaves.