Lanterns CC2 Start

The lanterns marking the start and finish of a level in Cave Chaos 1 (left) and Cave Chaos 2 (right)

Ability Bringing back a dead partner (only in two player mode)
Game(s) Cave Chaos

Lanterns are interactive objects in the games Cave Chaos and Cave Chaos 2.


Cave Chaos

Lanterns appear as a glass pot attached to a brown handle. This pot will glow with yellow light if touched or remain dark if not. There is a wire going around the lantern pot that connects to its base. If not held by a bat, the lantern will be hanging from a wooden frame with a black and white checked tile beneath it.

Cave Chaos 2

In Cave Chaos 2, lanterns are very different. They consist of three planks of wood crudely put together (Two standing up, and one connecting them on the top). In the middle of the top plank hangs a rope that is holding up a stone bowl. This stone bowl has flames coming out of it, meaning that something combustible is inside the bowl.

Game information

Start and finish

Cave Chaos

Lanterns appear at the start and at the close of every level in Cave Chaos. They are on stone, which is the only platform that does not disappear shortly after being stepped on. The miner may become stranded on the stone if they do not begin running when the level starts.

The lantern at the beginning of levels are always lit. When the miner steps on the stone platform holding the finish lantern, the miner will walk on its own (without the player controlling it) to the lantern, will do a little dance, and the level will end. The lantern (previously off) will turn on when the miner reaches it.

Cave Chaos 2

In Cave Chaos 2, lanterns appeared in similar areas as they did in the original Cave Chaos; one at the start of a level, and one at the end of the level.


Cave Chaos

There is another lantern in two player mode that is suspended in the air by a bat. If one miner walks past it, the lantern will light up. This type of lantern acts as a checkpoint, so if the miner has lost a partner and comes across a unlit lantern, the lantern will light up and the partner will fall from the top of the screen and begin playing again. Unfortunately, the miners will not start at the checkpoints if they both die.

Cave Chaos 2

In cave chaos two, checkpoints would respawn the miner at them if the miner was to die after reaching them. In two player mode, any miners that were killed will be respawned.


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