The Land of Nod is where Sandman takes place. Its name is only mentioned in the game's ending.


The moon and three-dimensional clouds in the sky are notable in each level of Sandman. This is prominently seen in the background against a starry sky. The ground of the land seems to mostly be grass and dirt, with a few stones wedged in to the dirt. Circle shapes seen in the ground appear to be windows and suggest that homes may exist underground in the Land of Nod.

Besides grass, trees, mushrooms and pink sprouts are other varieties of vegetation in the Land of Nod. At least two portals are also seen in the Land of Nod for the sleepwalkers, although there may be more than two for nightmares or levels that have been divided in two.


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A cameo of the squirrels and chicks from Chick Flick are seen on a couple of the trees on level 6. A Hot Air balloon is also found on level 4, hanging in the air.

Game information

Sandman reveals little information about the Land of Nod and its origins.

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It is known that sleepwalkers returned from the Land of Nod at the end of the game and were seen asleep in a large bed. The nightmares could also be seen peeking from underneath the bed.