This article is about ladders from Turn-Undead. For ladders from other games, please see Ladders.

Ladders T-U
Ability Allowing the player to ascend to higher areas
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Ladders are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.


Ladders are shown being made of dark brown wood that is surrounded by a black outline. The ladder is made up of two vertical pieces of wood that have broken ends with smaller pieces of wood placed evenly over top as rungs. The size of ladders as well as how many rungs they have vary from ladder to ladder.

Game information

Ladders first appear in level two of Turn-Undead and frequently appear in groups. Ladders may occasionally be found attached to the side platform, in a gap between two platforms, or, rarely, touching both the floor and ceiling. That player is able to climb up ladders by pressing the up arrow key while on them or descend if the down arrow key is pressed. It takes one turn for the player to climb up a single rung on a ladder.

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