For the level pack, see Kraken.
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Released May 7, 2014
Main feature Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage new level pack
Avatars related to this skin:
Full ib-ios-icebreaker

Full ib-ios-viking Full gunbrick Full oodlegobs-pumpkin3 Full oodleworm Cuboy avatar Full plunger Full awesumeglasses Full avatar-superstocktake Full avatar-jjjump

Kraken is the seventeenth site skin to be released on The skin was released on May 7, 2014 to celebrate the release of the Kraken pack for Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage as well as the Android version.


The skin features multiple Nitrome characters amongst the many tentacles of the Kraken.


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The image below is an interactive skin. Mouse over anywhere to see the description of that object. Click on it to read more.

Right eye from Colour BlindThe chimp from Super Stock TakeThe teeny hero from J-J-JumpPlunger from the game with the same nameA swarm on Oodlegobs from the game with the same nameThe Gun-Brick from GunbrickThe Drakkar from the Icebreaker seriesA first clan icebreaker from IcebreakerA first clan viking from IcebreakerCuboy in an Android costumeThe Kraken itselfKrakenSkin


Nitrome included a high resolution image of Gunbrick in the skin as a hint of the mobile version of Gunbrick, as they thought the game would have been finished around the time of the skin's release, though unfortunately this was not the case. [1]


  1. Comment by Frostyflytrap: I see that you hinted the new Gunbrick look in the Kraken skin, sneaky eh. ;)

    Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: And the secret game is... → comment by Nitrome: Yeah we thought the game would be finished sooner so we put a hint in the skin which we have done lots of times for upcoming games., 21 Nov 14, retrieved 22 Nov 14.

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