For the skin or the character, see Kraken (skin) and Kraken (character).
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Kraken pack icon
Released May 7, 2014
Levels 40

Kraken is the fourth pack available in Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. It was released on May 7, 2014 as an update separate from the previous three level packs. The levels predominantly take place inside the belly of a giant beast.


The icebreaker, having recently escaped the Under Dwell, is sailing on the waters with another fellow Viking. A beast emerges from underwater and takes them in.

Kraken pack intro with sfx00:52

Kraken pack intro with sfx

The opening cutscene of the level pack

Level 1: The Mouth

The Mouth
IBcoin x: 3
IBtreasurechest x: 1
IBpar2: 3

This level takes place inside the mouth of the beast, where two Vikings are seen on different levels of platforms on either side of the creature's uvula. One Viking is on top of a chest, which in turn, is above a cannon with an infinite supply of boulders. The drakkar is directly below the uvula.

The player's goal in this level is to get the two Vikings down by using the cannon to shoot boulders that extend the uvula's motion. The cannons should be fired as the uvula moves to the player's right. As the uvula continues to swing, the player should be able to boost it enough so that it knocks down the two Vikings and the treasure chest. They will then slide down the side of the mouth and into the boat.

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Kraken The Mouth01:04

Kraken The Mouth

Level 2: Jellyfish

IBcoin x: 3
IBtreasurechest x: 0
IBpar2: 1
Accessed: The Mouth

This level takes place further inside the beast. One Viking is swinging by a thread over a jellyfish. The player will need to time the cutting of the rope as the viking is swinging down from the left so that the viking will bounce off the jellyfish, collect all coins and land in the drakkar.

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Kraken Jellyfish00:47

Kraken Jellyfish

Level 3: Caviar

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Icebreaker on iOS Kraken - Caviar in par01:26

Icebreaker on iOS Kraken - Caviar in par

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