A list of quotes from levels in Kraken.

Introductory cinematic

  • Icebreaker: If I never see another deep damp cavern again, it'll be too soon.
    • It's so nice to be outside again.
    • The mist on the horizon...the wind in my beard...
    • The giant t-t-tentacles...of certain doom!
    • Yes yes, the giant tentacles of...
    • ...HANG ON?

The panning descends under the water to reveal part of the face of a creature that opens its eye.

The Mouth

  • Icebreaker: *sigh* Not another deep, damp cavern...
    • Why did I open my big mouth?
    • Now, lets [sic] find a way out of here!


  • Icebreaker: Quick, jump down to the boat.
    • Jump...? Are you crazy?
    • This thing will fry me alive.
    • Stop being such a drama queen!
    • Jump! Jump! Jump!


The icebreaker Viking is seen popping an egg.

  • Icebreaker: Woa!
    • Those are the biggest marbles I've ever seen.
    • Errgh...and they're all sticky too.
  • Viking: They're not marbles, they're fish eggs.
  • Icebreaker: Oh la la!
    • Well, i'll try anything once.
    • ...You wouldn't happen to have a giant cracker, would you?

Gate Keeper encounter 1

After opening the gates:

  • Icebreaker: I'm back!
  • Gate Keeper: Have you got some gold for me?
  • Icebreaker:
  • Gate Keeper: Until I hear, or smell gold. Then [sic] don't come back.
  • Icebreaker: Erm..., you can smell gold?
  • Gate Keeper: Of course.
  • Gate Keeper: And all I can smell on you is damp and bad breath.
    • Now get lost!
  • Icebreaker: That's a bit harsh...I only brushed my teeth a few months ago...
    • I used that nice dead thing I found floating by.
Click [show] to see this video
Icebreaker iOS Kraken - Gatekeeper after paying00:57

Icebreaker iOS Kraken - Gatekeeper after paying

The Intestines

  • Viking 1: Help!
  • Icebreaker: Not to fear guys! Icebreaker to the rescue.
  • Viking 2: Just hurry up and get us down from here!
  • Viking 1: Thing thing's diet is terrible.
  • Viking 2: If I never see another piece of corn, it'll be too soon.
  • Viking 1: It was even worse when those things zapped them!
  • Viking 2: There were bits of popcorn flying everywhere...

Gate Keeper encounter 2

Before opening the gates:

  • Gate Keeper: HEY!
  • Icebreaker: Hey?
  • Gate Keeper: So, you got my money?
  • Icebreaker: Just what are you planning to do with all this gold down here anyway?
    • There is literally nothing to buy!
    • And even if we find a way out,
    • Are you really going to be able to carry all that gold with you?
    • Plus you're not even on one of the main A routes.
    • I can just ignore your paths in this pack altogether!
  • Gate Keeper: So go then, if this route isn't
    • 'Interesting' enough for you!
  • Icebreaker: You know what...I think I will!
  • Gate Keeper's mother: Now, look here you two!
    • Start playing nice, or there will be no pie for either of you
    • 'And' it will be an early night!
  • Icebreaker': Sorry Mrs Gatekeepers [sic] mum
  • Gate Keeper: So you heard her...are you going to play 'nice' and pay up?

Selecting "no":

  • Gate Keeper's mother: I am very disappointed with you young man,
    • I shall be having words with your parents!
  • Icebreaker: GULP!

Selecting "yes":

  • Icebreaker: *sigh* I suppose anything to keep the peace.

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