This article is about knights from Knight Trap. For knights from other games, please see Knight.

Knights (Knight Trap)
Organization Good
Health 1 hit
Ability Moving, jumping
Game Knight Trap

The knights are the main characters in the game Knight Trap. The knights went on a mission in Knight Trap to rescue Princess Nectarine after she said she would marry the knight who rescued her. This caused great numbers to attempt to come to her aid. The Office Trap variant are employee main characters.


The knights wear light blue armor consisting of a helmet, body armor and leg armor. They also have orange coloured noses.

Game information


The knights were on a mission to rescue Princess Nectarine from the castle of ultimate doom, who promised to marry the knight who rescued her.

Upon many of the knights surviving the castle and finding her, the princess broke her promise and said she would like to become a knight herself. After hearing this, the knights left her, along with all her traps activated.

In game

The knights came unarmed to the castle of ultimate doom, with only their wits to save them. The knights' only abilities were to jump, double jump, and duck. They were also quite weak, dying at the single touch of any hazard. Therefore, they must try to avoid all hazardous traps and maneuver around other obstacles. When they got to the goal platforms, the knights would do a little dance. The knights are controlled by the player using the arrow keys.

Other appearances


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