Not to be confused with Knight Trap.

Red knight traps
Red Knights
(left) A standing red knight
(right) Running
Attack Death
Abilities Charging at player
Game(s) Knight Trap

Knight traps are traps in Knight Trap.


Knight traps have a skull as a button icon, as well as most of their buttons being wooden. The red knights that rush towards the knight traps have completely red armor (hence the name), with a T shaped opening on their helmet to see. They have white horns on the sides of their helmet, and they carry a light red jousting stick.

Game information

Knight traps appear only a few times throughout Knight Trap. The skull icon has red eyes, which is unusual as almost all button icons in Knight Trap are completely white. When a knight trap button is pressed by one of the player's knights, a red knight will quickly charge from one of the edges of the screen to the button.

Once the player's knight has left the platform the button was activated on, the knight will stop moving, hold its stick up, and move its head left and right in confusion.

Whenever the player's knight is on the platform, or the player's knight activates the button for the enemy knights, the red knights will charge towards the button. The red knights will charge towards any other of the player's knights that come on the platform, and may reverse the direction they are charging, depending on where the knight is.

Red knights are indestructible, and touching the red knight; even the knight's head, is equal to being hit by the jousting stick of the red knight - death. If a red knight reaches the area where the player's knight jumped up to another platform, it will stop there, in confusion as when it always stops. However, when a knight is vanquished by them, the knight will be knocked back, stunned, then stand up again, his head will bloat up, and finally he will explode into a pile of bones.


  • Robot traps in Office Trap, what could be considered the Office Trap variant of knight traps, as robot traps act almost identically to knight traps.

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