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The knight is the main character of Blast RPG.


The knight is dressed in greyish green armour with a spike on the helmet. The visor of armour is always lifted up so that the knight's face can be seen and some parts of the armour are a darker greenish grey colour. The knight has a turquoise cape coming from behind him and he holds a turquoise shield in one hand.

On the other hand the knight holds a sword that has a grey blade, a dark brown hilt longer than the blade, and the pommel is golden. The boy knight has pinkish skin, brown lips, and cheeks that are a deeper colour of pink. His eyes are white with dark brown pupils and, when his armour comes off upon having his health bar depleted, he is revealed to have dark brown hair.

Game information

The knight appears in all levels and always starts out a level by being blasted out of a cannon. The knight will always have a stream of smoke coming behind him when he is shot out of the cannon, and sometimes bounces off the ground. After a certain period of time that varies, the knight will hit the ground. If the knight comes in contact with enemies, he will turn to fight them after a short period of time has passed. After killing all enemies that are trialling behind him, the knight will face forward and begin to fly through the air.

If the knight loses all his health, his armour will break off and some coins along with it and the knight will appear wearing nothing but white underwear with red hearts and he will begin to cry. If the knight successfully touches down without being killed, he will slide to a stop and stick his sword in the ground and grin. After fighting a certain amount of enemies, the knight will eventually level up and gain five points which can be used to upgrade his abilities.


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At the end of the game, it is revealed that the Boy Knight blasted his way through the different areas of the game to save a "random princess".

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