King frog
Frog King
Level 6-4
Health Dies on contact with lava
Game(s) Enemy 585

King frog is a boss the bearded man fights in the introduction of the game Enemy 585.


He has a round belly in a blue suit. He has a red cape slung on his back. His lips are blue. His body is purple, with a face like a large henchman. His crown is golden yellow with blue gems.

Game information


At the beginning screen of the game, king frog is holding the princess and the princess's dog captive. When the bearded man enters the room to where they are being held captive, he jumps over king frog and lands on a button behind the king, collapsing the bridge king frog is standing on, causing the king to plummet into the lava below. The bearded man, princess, and guard dog then escape king frog's castle.


King frog does not appear during the course of the game, as he is killed in the opening. However, when the player is selecting a level, a sign on the bottom will say "Saving..." with a sign of king frog's head spinning around. Also, when beginning a level, or when Enemy 585 dies, the screen will fade out, and a hole is left that is shaped like King Frog's head.


King frog owns a castle, which is seen on the first level of Enemy 585. There is also one smaller castle per world. King frog's statue is in every castle so every castle is probably controlled by the frog king.



  • When the player completes a level, king frog's face is seen, which is likely a reference to New Super Mario Bros. where Mario's or Bowser's face is seen depending on whether a level is completed or failed.
  • King frog's role is based off Bowser, while his appearance seems to be based off of Wart, the final boss in Super Mario Bros. 2.. King frog's castle seems to be based off Bowser's castle from the Super Mario series.
  • The battle between king frog and the bearded man is very similar to the final battle between Bowser and Mario in Super Mario Bros. The only difference is that Mario cannot jump over and on Bowser.