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King cloud
King Cloud
Attacks Releases lightning and bombs
Abilities Follows the angels
Level Fifty (good levels)
Health Three hits
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

King cloud is the boss of the good levels in the game Twin Shot 2.


King cloud is a gigantic and puffy cloud with a purple eye that has a black coloured pupil. On top of the cloud is gold throne that has two staffs and wings, along with a small gold eye. On top of this throne sits a dark creature wearing a crown, a cape and a sash.

Game information

King cloud follows the player overhead. The player has to quickly get out of the way before it shoots lightning which will create a hole in the ground. The player has to jump in, which will cause the player to appear again from the top of the area and has to shoot king cloud's eye when standing next to him.

Then, king cloud chases the player while on lightning and after that the dark creature throws throws bombs. After that the whole process has to be done again. When the eye gets hit for the third time, the cloud with the throne will blow up, causing the dark creature to fall, thus, completing the good levels.

If the player has activated the Flyer cheat, defeating the boss is easier.


  • King cloud is similar to the boss Kracko from the Kirby series, due to the fact that both bosses are one-eyed clouds. They both also use thunder as a attack.
    • The golden part of the throne looks simailr to , also from the Kirby series.
  • King cloud is also similar to Lakithunder from the New Super Mario Bros, as both have electric abilities and a pilot that throws hazardous items.
  • King cloud is also similar to Wilfre in his raincloud from Drawn to Life 2.
  • When the player dies from king cloud, king cloud will keep attacking although no one is there.
  • As seen in the picture above, the seat does not seem to be in center of the cloud, but more to the left. This will happen whenever the boss is damaged.

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