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King Shroom
King Shroom
Attack Firing cluster bullets, bees
Health Determined by health bar
Game(s) Fat Cat

King Shroom is the final boss of Fat Cat, appearing on the last level, level twenty one. He has three turrets, two which fire bullets and one which fires bees.


A giant brown poisonous mushroom, the alien is seen on the stem, sitting on what appears to be a throne. The alien has a round head with an eye that mostly covers the area of the head and four antennae sticking out of it. Three plants with teeth are dangle from the edge of the mushroom. The stem of the mushroom serves as the alien's throne, which is lined with what is presumably gold.

Game information

After encountering an attack from red eyeballs and small green creatures, the cat and owl will come across King Shroom, who will immediately begin shooting a flurry of bullets from his turrets. Two of the turrets, located on either side of the alien, shoot single pink bullets, while the other middle turret shoots bees.

The alien's head will shoot bullet clusters in a pattern. First, a round of bullet clusters will be spread around, with wide spaces left between the bullets. The next four sets of clusters are shot towards each corner of the screen. These sets are tightly packed together, with little space for the cat to squeeze in between.


While there are no safe spots during the battle with King Shroom, the best area to put the cat in is at the center of the bottom of the screen. The owl should be positioned above the cat's head, constantly firing bullets. The cat should make minimal movements while avoiding bullet clusters, and always return to the bottom center after doing so. The focus should be on destroying the alien's head, as bullet clusters are the only hazards that cannot be blocked by the owl. While constantly shooting bullets from the owl, the player must also make sure to wipe away any single bullets shot from the turrets as well as the bees coming from the middle turret.

After the green alien head is destroyed, the next step is to destroy the turret firing bees. The strategy should follow the same as when destroying the green alien, although less movements can be made by the cat, as there will no longer be bullet clusters to avoid. Once the bees turret is destroyed, the player should move on to taking out the last two turrets firing single bullets, being careful not to lose guard of the bullets that may hit the cat in the process.

Upon destroying the turrets and the alien itself, explosion noises will play in the background, as with the case when defeating King Meka and King Kacta. The "level complete" screen will pop up, and clicking continue leads to the ending of the game.

Other appearances

  • Party - King Shroom without his throne appears in the skin.

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