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King Kacta
King Kacta
Attacks Fires bullets
Level 14
Health Determined by health bar
Game(s) Fat Cat

King Kacta is the second boss encountered in Fat Cat.


Like the other bosses in this game, he is situated in a hovering vehicle and is made up of three cactuses standing on top of each other, the smallest at the top. The smallest one has a gold crown.

Both the top and bottom cactuses fire bullets at even intervals, the top firing bullet clusters and the bottom firing a long series of single bullets, which can be wiped away by the owl. On either side of King Kacta are two tree enemies, who continuously travel up and down the screen, firing their own set of bullets.

Game information

After destroying the long series of red eyeballs and small green creatures that first appear, the player should try and find a spot near the bottom of the screen where the bullet clusters cannot hurt the cat. If possible, it should be an area off to the center, where the cat can be left alone for the duration of the game.

Once placed in a spot where the cat cannot be hit by the bullet clusters, the player should then use the owl, while shooting, to wipe away the long stream of pink bullets shot by the bottom cactus as well as any other incoming bullets shot by the tree enemies. By placing the cat off center, however, the player should only have to worry about the bullets coming from one tree enemies and the bottom cactus rather than two. If the player can keep this up, the cactuses can be destroyed.

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