King CEO
King CEO
Attacks Shoots spiky balls
Abilities Floats
Level 25
Health 5 hits
Game(s) Castle Corp

The king CEO (abbreviation of Chief Executive Officer) is a boss in Castle Corp who is found on the game's final level, level 25.


The king CEO consists of a king controlling a machine. The king is similar to enemy knights except that he has golden crown with a blue top and blue cape.

The machine the king controls has a golden head with a red ball in the center. The machine also has two red sides with blue shields that have orange helmet-marks, black spikes on each side and a black cannon underneath the machine.

Game information

The king CEO is stationary enemy who only shoots when he spots the player. However, there's a blind spot at the right side of the level, which makes attacking easier. Destroying king CEO doesn't end the level. To finish the level, every enemy (like in other levels) must be destroyed.

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