This article is about keys from Mirror Image. For keys from other games, please see Keys.

Bronze key
A bronze key on a pad
Ability Unlocking gates
Game(s) Mirror Image, Super Stock Take

Keys are interactive objects in the game Mirror Image.


Keys come in the colours gold, silver, and bronze. All keys sit on a pad. The pad is light blue with two C shaped markings on the right and left of wear the key would be. On the front and back of wear the key would be, there is a v shaped symbol.

The keys themselves have two small teeth at the bottom of them and a long handle. The handle goes up strait to where it makes three small hoops. Two of the hoops are pressed together with one hoop at the top.

Game information

Keys are found scattered around some levels. Once touched by the warlock they will open a lock on a stone arch. The locks that are the same colour as the key will disappear once the key is touched. All of the keys of the same colour must be attained in order for the corresponding lock to open. Keys are always found on pads where the pads will be placed on solid ground or moving objects.


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