This article is about keys from Office Trap. For keys from other games, please see Keys.

Key traps
Key Traps
Abilities Opens locked blocks
Game(s) Office Trap

Key traps are traps in the game Office Trap. They do not kill the employees.


A key platform appears has black key icons. They key from the platform is golden. A platform needing a key will have a platform made up of several key holes.

Game information

Key traps have two parts. The first part is the trap, which releases a key when stepped on. The second part to the key trap is the above level. The above level is shown with locked symbols, and cannot be crossed until the player collects the key. The level will re-lock when the player lands on the upper level.

In levels which have key traps, a floor will be usually shown above the key trap where a bunch of key holes are shown. Once the key trap is stepped on a key will appear. If the key is grabbed, the platform with the key holes will disappear and it can now be accessed. This must be repeated each time an employee needs to pass through it.


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