This article is about keys from Cheese Dreams. For keys from other games, please see Keys.

Key switches
Switch 1 CD2 Key Platform
A key switch from Cheese Dreams (right) and Cheese Dreams: New Moon (left)
Ability Make key blocks disapear
Game(s) Cheese Dreams series

Key switches are interactive objects in the Cheese Dreams series.


Cheese Dreams

Key switches from Cheese Dreams appear as a rectangular dark purple pad with a black outline. Above the key switch is the faint image of a key.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

In Cheese Dreams New Moon key switches are shaped like a circle with a flat side and a rectangle attached to the wall. The rectangle and the circle are a light bluish colour with the rectangle being a darker shade, which makes it look turquoise. On the circular part of the key switch is a large white key. When activated the rectangle disappears from the key switch and the circular shape is pushed closer to the wall. Also the key switch turns bright pink.

Game Information

Cheese Dreams

In Cheese Dreams key switches first appear on level 5. When the moon activates a key switch it will turn red and any nearby key blocks will disappear. By reactivating the key switch, the blocks will reappear.

Cheese Dreams: New Moon

Key switched in Cheese Dreams New Moon first appear on level 1. Key switches are located on walls and once activated, any nearby padlocked blocks will disappear. Once the key switch is touched again the padlocked blocks will reappear. An activated key switch will emit a red light.

Core reactor release switch

The core reactor release switch only appears on the last level, and is used to release the Sun. If the player presses the core reactor release switch, the Sun will fall off the ceiling and start to roll towards the player.

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