This article is about keys from Test Subject series. For keys from other games, please see Keys.

Key cards are interactive objects in the Test Subject series.


The key card is yellow, not rectangular, and have a black part on the bottom of the card. It rotates clockwise, with the card having a light blue outline, along with small blue dots that frequently move up.

Game information

A single key card appears in each level of Test Subject Blue, and are needed to complete the level. The key card will usually be placed in dangerous or hard to reach areas, and will deactivate the glass capsule around the level's food pill when it is picked up.

When Blue touches the key card, it will fly up to the glass capsule and cause it to disappear. It will not contribute any points to the player's score, and mainly for a second objective in each level of Test Subject Blue and Test Subject Green.

In Test Subject Complete, these are used in the levels that take place in the test chamber. These are only levels one through seven.

In Test Subject Arena 2, key cards are found in single-player mode and add five seconds to the player's time.


  • When a key card is picked up, it flies directly at the capsule around the food pill and the capsule disappears, although there is no place on the capsule for the card to go.