Kapowski's boss
GW Boss
Gender Male
Species Human
Level(s) Introduction,
Status Alive
Game(s) The Glassworks

Kapowski's boss is a non-playable character in the game The Glassworks.


Kapowski's boss appears to be an obese man with tan skin and brown eyes (with his left eye being covered by a light blue monocle). He is wearing a white shirt (that seems to be a bit too small seeing that part of his torso is exposed) with a red tie and small black pants. He has brown hair that sticks upward. He might be middle aged seeing that he is balding; in addition, he has a mustache. Kapowski's boss is never seen without his blue and magenta flying chair.

Game information


In the start of in The Glassworks, Kapowski's boss witnesses Kapowski on the ground, moving with his gloves. His boss then mocks him, and tells him to use the proper equipment. Kapowski explains his gloves to the boss. His boss then makes a bet that Kapowski can't get back to the top of the Glassworks. He then leaves.

The Glassworks - Introduction00:51

The Glassworks - Introduction

Kapowski's boss in the introduction of The Glassworks


In the end of The Glassworks, Kapowski gets to the top of the Glassworks, and his boss thought he could never do it. He then wants to mass produce the gloves and make all his workers use them. Kapowski turns down the deal, and says he is going to go climb more glass.

The Glassworks - Ending00:38

The Glassworks - Ending

Kapowski's boss in the ending of The Glassworks


The boss is seen to be a lazy man who gets angry at people easily. He has a negative attitude toward things and people. As seen with Kapowski, he does not seem to like that people do their job their own way.

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