GW Kapowski In-Game
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Good
Health Five blows
Level(s) All levels, including intro and ending
Status Alive, with his gloves
Game(s) The Glassworks

Kapowski is the main character in The Glassworks. Kapowski is a bored worker, and in the game he made gloves which can stick to any surface.


Kapowski wears a zipped green rubber suit, a grey backpack (which has not had its contents revealed), and green goggles resting on the top of his head. He has messy spiked dark brown hair and a scarred face, possibly due to burning. Kapowski is also wearing his famous climbing gloves, which are blue with grey fingertips.

Game information


Kapowski's boss sees him do somersaults on the ground with his gloves. The boss tells Kapowski to use the proper equipment, while Kapowski explains what his gloves can do. His boss then challenges him to get back to the top of the Glassworks, and his boss then leaves.

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Kapowski gets back to the top of the Glassworks, and his boss is there to meet him. The boss thought Kapowski couldn't get to the top of the Glassworks, and offers to put his gloves into production and make his gloves the primary wear for the workers. Kapwoski denies it, and says to the boss he's going to go climb some more glass, and Kapowski leaves.

In game

Kapowski uses the clinging power of his gloves to climb glass walls, punch-down glass cleaners, push buttons (which activate the movement of glass panels), and dodge bird droppings which are quite plentiful at the glassworks.

Throughout the game, Kapowski's co-workers give warnings, instructions, or just give their opinion about certain parts of a level while wiping a glass pane or reading a newspaper. Carefully planned jumping and fast reflexes are required for most parts of the game, to avoid being burned by lasers, electrocuted by guards or defecated on by birds.


Kapowski is armed with his invented gloves and the standard gear for human workers. Part of his gear is goggles he wears over his eyes.


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