Kangaroo & joey
Kangaroo and joey
Attack Fires joey
Damage One passenger
Game(s) Skywire

Kangaroos are hazards in the game Skywire.


Kangaroos are large and orange. They have a tail sticking out behind them, two small eyes, and two ears. Their pouch is a darker orange and is tilted slightly downward. The pouch and legs are attached with hinges.

Game information

They have a pouch containing their joey. Upon the cable car passing over the kangaroo's head, the joey will be fired at a cable car at a forty five degree angle. They stand on islands and do not actually touch the cable car.

The joeys usually don't hit the cable car if it pauses after the joey is fired, or if the cable car goes fast enough, but can hit the car if the track is at a downward slope and the car travels quickly. It is also possible in one spot to be hit by the kangaroo's head, which will also make the cable car lose a passenger. They only appear in levels five and fifteen.

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