Justin Bennet
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Health 100
Level(s) All (multiplayer only)
Status Alive,
Game(s) Nitrome Must Die, Go Pogo

Justin Bennet is one of the main characters of the game Nitrome Must Die. He is the character player two controls. Justin Bennet along with his friend Austin Carter went to the Nitrome Towers to destroy the Nitrome company.


Justin Bennet appears as a person wearing a rather big reddish-pink jacket. He seems to be wearing a baseball cap with a white visor underneath the hood of the jacket. He's also wearing blue trousers that are a slightly lighter shade of blue than Austin's (sky blue). His shoes match his jacket. In the following picture(s), he appears to be slightly shorter than Austin, however this could be because of the character's tendencies to "bob" up and down when the player(s) aren't using their action keys.

Game information

Nitrome Must Die

Justin Bennet is the second main character in the game that player two controls. Whenever he gets hurt, the sounds differ from Austin's, due to the fact that they are from different families and in no way are related. Justin's head has no motion effects, unlike Austin, whose hair has motion effects.

Go Pogo

Justin Bennet appears as a playable character in Go Pogo and can be purchased for 60 coins.


Due to the fact that Justin wears a big sweatshirt, the player has no doubts that Justin can be a bit shy at times and maybe even withdrawn. Even though they're friends, Justin may be pushed around at times by Austin. He also seems to be curious (staring at flies) and sloppy (passing gas).

Facebook comments

Justin Bennet began leaving comments on Nitrome's Facebook wall starting November 3rd. Below are all his comments:
WOOHOO!!! i've signed up....and 10 other people!

Comment on November 3rd, 2011, on Nitrome's post posted on November 3rd, 2011

Austin Carter Viva la revolution!!!!!!!!

Comment on November 7th, 2011, on Nitrome's post posted on November 4th, 2011

Nitrome can't even count right

Comment on November 7th, 2011, on Nitrome's post posted on November 4th, 2011

Other appearances



  • A few fans have noted his similar appearance to Kenny from South Park. If watched closely, when Justin is waiting in the elevator after completing a level, he will sometimes draw his hoodie tighter, covering his mouth, then face forward the player, making a reference to this.
  • Both Austin Carter and Justin Bennet have six letters in their first name, and six letters in their last name. This might be a reference to the popular webcomic "Homestuck", suggesting that both Austin and Justin are internet trolls.
  • When Justin dies, he makes the same death cry as Norman Noggin from Headcase.
  • While Austin has original cries when taking damage, Justin's cries when taking damage are the same as Norman Noggin's cries when he takes damage.


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