This article is about rockets from Bullethead. For rockets from other games, please see Rockets.

Jumbo rockets
Jumbo Rocket
Attack Harmful on impact
Damage A third of the soldier's health
Health 15 blows
Game(s) Bullethead

Jumbo rockets are hazards in the game Bullethead. They are the second largest hazards in the game next to the giant blocks.


Jumbo rockets are significantly larger than other missiles and have the alien symbol on them (a skull with three eyes and no nostrils). They spin around in a straight line.

Game information

Jumbo rockets will fall from the top of the screen. It is slower than rockets and homing rockets, but can be very hard to destroy because of its high health.

While in the air it will spin, and when it hits the ground it explodes in the biggest explosion in the game, being so powerful that it can destroy shields in one hit. With the right weapons, it can be destroyed before it reaches the ground. The explosion of the rocket can still harm the player,if player is close to the rocket when it hits the ground.

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