Jellyfish are enemies in the game Aquanaut.


Jellyfish have a big, partly circular head, attached to their body. Below the head is the jellyfish's eyes and mouth. They have closed eyes most of the time, but when blown up with a bomb or touched by the Submarine, their eyes open for a short time. When their eyes are closed, Jellyfish have an '-.-' expression.

Below their face are these small jelly like flaps, below that being some smaller flaps and below that their tentacle like legs.

Game information

When seen, they may be slowly moving vertically or horizontally, or just remain stationary. In order to kill them, the submarine must hit them with two bombs.

When destroyed, they leave a coin. They are quite commonly encountered, the first enemies to be seen in the game. Several times the player is required to move past jellyfish, some blocking an exit or in great numbers.

Other appearances