Jay Smith
Occupation Pixel artist
First Game Blast RPG
Last Game Mega Mash
Joined January 2010
Left September/August 2011

Jay Smith, named Jay D. Smith in the credits of games he has worked on, is a pixel artist that joined Nitrome on January 2010, and left in September/August 2011 [1] [2].

History at Nitrome

Jay Smith joined Nitrome in January 2010, working on an upcoming game at the time, Blast RPG. Smith worked on other Nitrome games, including doing the art for all the NES Games up to Mega Mash. He was also responsible for the papercraft toys released on the Nitrome shop. He later left Nitrome in September/August 2011, stating that Nitrome was a "dead end job "[3]. Jay Smith now works for Playfish E.A. along with fellow ex-nitrome artist Simon Hunter.

Art Style

Jay Smith's art style differed from the art style of the other Nitrome Pixel Artists, probably due to his animation background. Smith was capable of drawing anime-like and 8-bit-style characters. Nitrome fans were unsure of his art style at first as they where unfamiliar to the bright cartoony graphics, but soon accepted his style. Jay Smith, when drawing female characters, would take the head of the male character in the game and use it for the female character, only changing the hair (The same technique has been used by Stefan Ahlin). Similarities among other characters can also be seen in other characters he has drawn.


Jay Smith has contributed to a total of eight games.


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