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For the game jam, see Nitrome Jam.
Jam 2014
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Full skin
Released June 13, 2014
Main feature Nitrome Jam 2014
Special Made for the Nitrome Jam
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Jam 2014 is the eighteenth site skin released on The skin was released on June 13, 2014 for the Nitrome Jam voting currently going on at the time.


The skin features multiple characters from games submitted to the Jam.


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Cuboy as a jar of jamThe Mind from the game with the same nameRockitty from Rockitty: 9 LivesA cat's paw from Ratmaze NightmareA worm from In drmzzzA spider from Nite NiteThe demon from NitromareThe yellow protagonist from Yellow DreamerThe flying man from 8bit DovesBaku from Baku: The Dream EaterA bomb from SlumberlandThe cat from Computer DreamsThe kitty from A Kitty DreamThe toast character from A Kitty DreamThe pug from Sleepless PugThe cylindrical protagonist from Frantic DreamThe sleepwalker from Dream HopperBonita from Run Bonita RunThe sleepless man from LoopNitrome JamNitrome JamNitromejam2014 wallpaper