Several worm like creatures
All colour variations of worms in their small forms
Ability Flying
Game(s) In drmzzz

Worms are interactive objects in the game In drmzzz.


Worms have two circular black eyes placed on a circular head from which extends a cylindrical body that is rounded at the end. Worms come in several different colours with the colours being light blue, bright red, lime green, purple, orange, and bright yellow. When worms are in asteroids they appear smaller than when they are flying.

Game information

Worms appear in the space section of In drmzzz and are found in asteroids. The first colour variation encountered by the player is purple with the other colour variants appear as the game progresses. Worms are found in asteroids and clicking them will either result in the worm moving to a different place or changing colour (only if multiple worms are in an asteroid). Once worms being to fly into the air, they direction they move in can be changed by clicking the mouse. If a worm comes in contact with a star of the same colour as itself, the star will disappear.

Penguin 1

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The last instance a worm is seen is at the ending of In drmzzz in which a worm is seen coming out of the child's head


Other appearences

  • Jam 2014 skin - A worm appears flying and/or passing out of the jam in the skin.


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