Developer(s) Halfbot
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Program(s) Unity
Genre Survival
Credits Code
Melvin Samuel
Derek Laufman
Ryan Carlson

Slumberland is a top-down survival game created by Halfbot for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams". The player controls a young boy named Mel who ends up trapped in a dream about his favourite video game.


  • Left Right Up Down Arrow keys - Move
  • X key - Perform action


Mel starts out in his bedroom, where the player is shown the controls of the game. When he exits through the open door to the player's right, he enters a dungeon-like place. Enemies will spawn after a brief wait. Knocking out enemies and then killing them allows Mel to take control of that particular enemy and use its attacks. Once all enemies are killed in one room, all doors within that room open.


Upon killing an enemy, the player gains control of the enemy and can use its abilities. If an enemy kills Mel while he is in enemy form, he reverts back to his normal self. He can take one hit in his human dream form before initiating a "game over".

  • Skeletons - Throws a boomerang bone that can travel through walls.
  • Bombs - Small enemies that leave stationary bombs which explode shortly after dropping them.
  • Sorcerers - Lime cloaked enemies that shoot out an orb that can travel the entire length of the dungeon.
  • Knights - Large slow enemies that use powerful close combat attacks.

Interactive objects


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