Run Bonita Run
Developer(s) Team Winning!
Team members Markus Heinel, Piotr Grodzki
Scope June 2-6, 2014 ("Dreams")
Program(s) Flash
Genre Survival, platformer

Run Bonita Run is a game created by Team Winning for the Nitrome Jam under the theme "Dreams".


  • Left Right / A key D key - Move left/right
  • Up W key - Jump


The entire game consists of one level, in which the player must survive as long as possible as Bonita. The game takes place inside Bonita's dreams, as shown by her snoring face on the bottom half of the screen. The level automatically begins inside a nightmare, in which the player must dodge enemies to avoid damage.

If Bonita dodges enough enemies as indicated by the number at the top right of the screen (the number increases the more times it is completed), she will briefly be taken into a dream where the enemies turn into animals that can be collected, these giving points and regaining Bonita's lost health. If Bonita loses all eight lives, then a screen reading "DREAM OVER" will appear, showing a startled Bonita awakened in an asylum with a possessed teddy bear.


  • Bats - Bats fly up and down, and can be dodged under or over.
  • Wolves - Wolves run towards the left side of the screen on the ground, and can only be dodged by jumping.

Interactive objects

Interactive objects only appears when the player is in Bonus mode.

  • Birds - Birds fly to the left and are worth of ten points.
  • Rabbits - Run forward and jumps, when Bonita is close enough them. Rabbits are worth ten points

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